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Types of CMS (Content Management System)

Different types of CMS is being used for different types of content.  The content form may be different  paper or digital e.g. text, video, graphics, blog etc.

The CMS [content management system] used for creating, customizing and managing information on the digital platform such software application is CMS.

Main advantage of content management system is that it doesnot require any technical skills to develop.

Most used CMS type of platform are

  1. Word Press
  2. Joomla
  3. Drupal


WordPress is used basically for everyday writing personal blogging or developing personal websites.  The Best would be for blogs, small businesses, personal websites. 

This platform can be easily used by non technical person who have a minimal knowledge of technical coding. 

WordPress is a great platform for the beginners to start with.  Millions and thousand of designs and most effective templates available with plugins and widgets so that even the layman with minimal knowledge of design can easily and effortlessly create website.  Companies using WordPress CMS e.g. Mercedes-Benz,  angrybird, James Brandon Photography, Nasa, Bloomberg etc.


Best for software developers with intermediate knowledge and want to practice his skills for both the wordpress and practice his software skills. 

Can be used by bloggers, personal websites who have little knowledge of technical skills.  Joomla is also equipped with design templates but having limited selection as compare to WordPress. 

For e.g. Vodafone, Porsche, MTV Greece, the fashion spot etc. Are based on Joomal CMS platform.

Joomla is a open source which is freely available to everyone.


Drupal is totaly best for technical developmers and who has a good command on software development tools.  Companies like McDonald’s, AT&T, Duke etc.

Choosing the right CMS system depends upon you but what i suggest to use WordPress seems to be a good one cause tons and millions of design templates, plugins and widgets which make is easy managing  the interface and is limited only by your imagination

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