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For a while i was struggling over internet web searching for ways to earn extra money over the web. Gone through so many sites many of them are fake and many others do get blocked after certain time.

Initially i struggled over facebook to earn money. Now i have started getting the earning results and friends it is not so easy task to earn money on web.

Here are the 5 ways which i discovered to earn money on facebook.


This website is a advertising Revenue sharing website that pay you for sharing their content on your Facebook Fan Pages. Just follow these steps to get started:-

• Open website click on the tab “Join Publisher Program”
• You can create your social website within few minutes and they are only clicks away.
• Explore the website get the relevant content or content of your interest or content which your fan page visitor love or like to view and share in their groups.
• Once you start sharing relevant content on your fan page, you will also have to expand your member into facebook page. Invite more members to your page.
• When visitor view your facebook page for content of their interest you will be get paid for the each click which is about $0.01 to $0.15.
• For withdrawal you need to have a PayPal account or a bank wire.
• You can withdraw your money from PayPal or via Bank wire.

Viral9 is almost same like mylikes but their links and process is different. When you signup you have to wait for the approval.

After approval you have ample opportunities to earn through viral9.

To earn extra and more you have to get fan from UK, USA, CA, AUS etc. These are the steps for

signup to


• Signup for account & wait for approval
• Generate links from your account
• Share these links on you facebook page
• Simply earn for the traffic you sent to their links
• They pay through payoneer

Driving traffic to your website or blog

The best way i think is to create your own blog. For creating your own blog check my post on How to create a blog. You will get a complete guide on making a blog. Choose the most passionate topic of your interest
The most popular is wordpress, check my blog on content management system about different domain and hosting you can use for creating content.

Write articles of your favourite topic, create a fan page, share your interesting topic by tagging your friends and colleagues. Once people read your blog and suit them interesting they will definitely share with others as well as follow your page to get update information.
This way you can drive more traffic to your blog as well as you can publish ads through google adsense.

Selling your own product or services

If you have your own products you can sell them by promoting your page of products creating interesting content post on your page. Once people will read your page and like the content they will go for buying or they can suggest to others. You can also create products like jewelry, paintings, T-shirts, etc or anything you like the most.

If love to teach or train others you can create a post of teaching online

You can also run a gift store on facebook. Some of my colleagues are doing and are earning good amount of money on facebook.

Affiliate marketing page /group

First create a affiliate page , then create a group invite as many as so that you should have at least minimum 1000 more members in the group. Then as per the requirement upload the product details along with the link to your affiliate. Whenever any of your member click on the affiliate and buy any product you will get the commission from the affiliate company.

e.g. Amazon affiliate,

flipkart affiliate


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