Top 5 Calorie-Burning Activities really must

Top 5 Calorie-Burning Activities really must

Doing same activity exercise daily may become boredom. Initially we get motivated to perform workout and get fascinated with the people showing ads of fitness before and after effect of workout. But in daily routine become difficult to maintain the schedule and leaving the Once we start exercising There are funny exercises which can actually help us in weight loss.

1. Badminton

Badminton is a game which can be played any where, in the open ground or in indoor. If you have a indoor stadium nearby best is to take a membership and start playing. Other games like basketball, table tennis, lawn tennis, cricket, football these games require more space but if you have space you can start playing. These games require more investment and space than badminton.
For badminton you require small investment and require lot of movement running front and back, sideways both left and right side and running and jumping while playing.
Playing badminton for an hour will burn 544 calories and it also develops the muscles strength. Mostly fat accumulated in the hip portion.

2. Hula Hoop

Can you imagine, this really works! Rotating hula hoop for 30 minutes and more will burn up to 630 calories. Once you start the hula exercise activity use weighty hula in the beginning. Start the hula exercise initially for 2 minutes and consequently increase and do the exercise for 5 mins to 15mins and 30 minutes and so on. As you gain the confidence and control of rotating hoop switch to lighter hoop. Using lighter hoop will result is more hard work in rotating the hoop then the heavier one and help us to burn more calories.

3. Kickboxing

Apart from providing tread meal in gyms and workout centers, now started facilitating for kickboxing courses, which are great for burning calories and will also improve your self defense skills also.

4. Swimming

Swimming is the best cardio exercise. Every one enjoy the splash of water. Even you can play the water sport in the swimming pool.

5. Power yoga

Power yoga is more fast and more dynamic than the traditional yoga. Main focus is on building strength. While traditional yoga focus on meditation and chanting of mantras, power yoga focus on strength building and is more strong.


Physical activity helps metabolism to burn extra calorie also helps in secretion of healthy enzymes.  keep the brain active.  strengthen the muscles, tone the overall body muscles.


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