Stay Cool This Summer – Try This

Stay Cool This Summer – Try This

Due to changing environment and global warming activities change in climate has created new diseases which are dangerous and lethal for humans and its existence on this earth.

these changing environment is caused by human destructing and destroying the natural greenery causing the tremendous change in atmosphere.

So the summer becomes hotter.

Keeping cool and dehydrated during summer is necessary to stay healthy.

We need to take steps to keep our body protected from sun burn. This is a time when our body is exposed to excess heat.

Maintaining sufficient amount of water in body is a crucial from getting dehydrated.

Little bid of precaution and summer bath, small measures can maintain and keep our body cool this summer. Here are the steps

Drink More Water

Great quotes of Leonardo Da Vinci “Water is the driving force of all nature”

Leonardo da vinci

Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Do try to carry a water bottle wherever you go along with you.

Drink a small portion of water every 10 minutes. This will maintain the water level in the body as well as quench you thirst also.

You can purchase a ORS or electoral packet available in every medical shop. Put in a one liter bottle, stir it drink whole day.


in case your thirst is not quenched, then put honey in a glass of water stir it till honey is dissolved completely and drink. Your thirst will be quenched immediately.

Cotton Clothes

Wear cotton clothes. Dry to avoid silk, satin etc. Cover your body as much you can. Though it is very tough but this will protect you, as you sweet a large amount of body salt and water comes up on the upper layer of the skin, this process of body keeps the inner cells and tissues moist to maintain the sufficient temperature. If you wear short clothes, the sun’s direct rays burn your skin as well as dry and tan your skin. Direct sun rays also dry the sweet coming out of the body you will make you feel more exhausted.

Coconut Water

Drink coconut water. Which is available at every corner of the road. Coconut water has sufficient amount of natural glucose which protects our body from dehydration. In may parts of India still today coconut water is used as a natural therapy for curing many diseases occurred due to loss of water in the body.

Drink Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera is a plant which grows in the desert and has the quality of retaining water within it.

You all are aware about this magical plant which is very miraculous.

Aloe Vera juice is very hydrating Drinking aloe vera juice not only quench your thirst but will also balance energy and helps in benefiting immune system.

Cut the leaf from aloe vera extract the jelly substance, apply on your face hands dry or sleep, wash it in the morning, this method will remove the tan caused due to sun burn.


To keep our body healthy we need to have sufficient amount of water intake in our body.  Stay hydrated eat juicy fruits, vegetables etc.  Due to shortage of water our body fell ill.


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