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Whenever we need information we simple google the keywords for find the information.  but do you know? these browsers do track all information we search and whenever we open these browser show the relevant information based on our past searched results.   even if you search in incognito activated still the your private searched information stored in the history can be utilized by the browsers.

Mostly we also use browsers like Mozilla firefox, Google chrome and Opera browser to get our search results.  Do you know that these search engines keep track of all search records including the vital and very sensitive information which are very personal.

These search engines use our vital information for placing relevant content advertisement related to our search history.  These search engines always track our content so that they can place relevant advertisement according to your search results over time.  Most of the time whatever we search, our search history is stored by the browser and is been tracked to give advertisement.

Most of the time we search in search engine very secret and private information which are not to be know to others

for example

  1. Food supplements
  2. Amway products – health foods and vitamins
  3. premature ejaculation
  4. girls
  5. lingerie
  6. upshorts
  7. medicines

but there are search browsers listed below which doesn’t track your IP address as well as doesn’t store the search record history.

Below are some of the search engines who do not track and keep your search private.’



This is one of the most popular search engine.  This show better and smarter answers in SERP. Does not track identity and does not store cookies.  This is one of the simplest looking better than google.  I hope you also will like this. this search engine discards the ip addresses and doesnot store cookies.



The best part of startpage is that it does not even store the ip addresses and immediately discards the ipaddresses after the search.  This gives option of proxy server so that other websites cannot track your ip address location.



This one is my favourite search engine.  I like the interface.  All the information given on the page is very simple so that a layman can also use effectively without any hassles.

Below the search tab is the different category bar like, Mathematics, step-by-step solutions, words & linguistics etc and many more 

This search engine gives you computational knowledge results.

Below the search bar you have many options like mathamatics, step by step solutions words and linguistics etcs.

This give very accurate information of the searched content over search engine result page for any keywords.

This gives expert views of movies, fitness and music.


Gibiru is another best search engine and does not store priviacy information, search result history and even ip address.  You can use this search engine as a plugin firefox.  Best thing that gibiru give the search result breaking out the “censorship filter bubble” and the result you see will provide the unsensored result which normally we don’t see otherwise.


In This browser you can manually filter your result of your choice.  You can also flag inappropriate result.  In this you can search for government data, news, blogs, photos, pictures, images etc.  This is the best site for doing research and discovery of different topics.  In this you can also see the catche just like we do in google on the down error of the right site of content.  This is the best search engine specially for searching topics for research and discovery purpose. 



It is a very simple front page when you open. You will see a single bar in the middle of the page and on the top right you get two tabs, Powersearch commands, add privatelee to search bar. 

In this search browser you can get the http security also.  Main benefit of privatelee to search top result.  With the power search command we can search source of others also.  Another name of privatelee is Qrobe.



­This is an independent web search engine which is based on new mexico.  In this search engine billions webpages are indexed.  This give fast results without tracking your search and give fast result.  This is also one of the best private search engine.



MetaGer provide the privacy and data protection of the user. Which is very important, most of the search engine collecting our vital and private information when we search on the web.   The source code is open even the user can check the their data protection and privacy features.  This is the best features to get trust among users and moreover MetGer is a non profit NGO.  You can use Metager against snoopers; you can click results by “open anonymously” and you are fully protected.

Below the search bar you get a addon, extension once you click on the tab you can get the extension live with your browser itself.


disconnect search

This search engine takes support from google, bing, yahoo or ask but doesnot track your IP address or location to other search engine.  Once you open the search page the interface is very easy and simple everything is easily explained and visualised consistently.  You can select the options of your choice.


Above search engines can do secure browsing.  You can select according to your choice and needs.  For data and factual figures worlframalpha is good.  For keyword search ofcourse google and yahoo are the best but you use duckduckgo as well.  

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