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I have been struggling quite a while for my site doesn’t get clicks.  This is very useful information for new who want fast traffic for their website.  Here are the reasons for not getting click.

  1. Index website
  2. Write what people search for
  3. Focused keywords
  4. Keywords in headlines
  5. Internal link and external link
  6. Not using properly wordpress
  7. Optimizing your image


Index Website

When creating website the key is that web pages must be indexed by google crawler.  You can create sitemap auto generated from websites.  Proper indexing of web pages helps crawler to fetch data and whenever relevant keyword is entered in search the nearest matched websites will be shown in the SERP (search engine result pages).



Blogger or content writer must write what people are searching for.  You can visit google trends and see the what people are searching or which keywords is trending.  Then you can decide to write on that topic.  Try to include long tail phrases, phrased sentences to add in your articles or blog.  Search your keywords in google trends, google keyword planner,, etc are the website where you can select you niche keywords for your blogs



Quality content is what google search in the websites and also for visitor new information on regular basis.  If you optimize your content nicely and use keyword strategy with focused keywords will increase your view ability to visitors.  For bloggers must use quality content and focused keywords strategy for increasing visitors on website. New visitors will be more interested in reading quality content and may visit again and again for new content. Using long tail keywords, keyword phrases, high quality content which are ment for visitor and not for google bot.  Keywords are the steps to get more clicks



Use keywords in you headlines, meta descriptions, alt text will let search engine to crawl and show in the relevant search results.  Mostly we overlook the relevant keyword headlines. Selecting the headlines with relevant words which is near match or exact match of article or blog could become a viral headlines.


Internal link and external link

As a part of seo strategy you must create internal linking in your website.  This will give reputation for search engine and site visitors.

Internal link is hyperlink which you can place in one page / post and is connected to another page/post through hyperlink.  When you write content on a particular topic try to insert some relevant keywords which are relevant to another topic within the same domain.

For e.g. we create a new post about different types of content management system.  (underlined words are internal linked (hyperlinked) to this post



WordPress is available of lots of plugins and widgets.  Most of the new bees must which help to get more traffic.  Utilize the right plugin. Go to the setting and change the privacy to public.

Post must be visible to search engines.  Try to index your post so that it must be indexed to google, bing, pinterest.

Plugins for social media jet pack, sumo which are onenal feature in single app.



Most bloggers only write content and does not give proper importance to images.  To be noted for readers and viewers images and photos do speak more than the content.  So my suggestion to my readers try to insert photos relevant to your content.  Create images relevant to your blog keywords, headings, sub heading, 


Key point:- don’t forget to insert relevant alt text in image. Google bot or crawler only reads the keywords mentioned in the alt text.


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