navratri fasting food

Navratri – healthy food to eat during navratri fast

Navratri Festival healthy food

The Indian festive season started from the Navratri in the month of September and October.  Durga pooja As the Indian festival is approaching and we all are excited with full enthusiasm to celebrate 9 days of navratri pooja and pray to goddess durgas 9 avtars.

As this time is very blessed time so we must keep ourself eating healthy food.

Sabudana  (English word: Sago)

You can make sabudana khichadi mix with peanuts.  It is very delicious and good for health also. You can also try with sabudana tikki.sabudana khichdi

This will help you boost your energy.

Sabudana is full of carbohydrates and energy.  Has proteins, vitamin C, minerals and calcium.

In ancient history it was used as a mode of medicines

Makhana (English Foxnut)

You can make makhana kheer which is very mouth watering and delicious.  makhana dishThis will fill your stomach when you are too hungry and is a sweet dish for navratri.

Makhana has fiber, potassium phosphorus, iron.  Eating makhana healthy for boday as it has low calorie and is good for weight loss.

Makhana kheer is made of milk and makhana and is good for health.

Fruits and salads

Fruits are natural source of vitamins and minerals.  When we fast our metabolism need vitamins and minerals to make our body function, and are the instant source of energy.

Fruits and salads are the most easiest and full of vitamins and energy which is need all day during vrats.

Sweets made of chhena

Sweets made of chhena are very nutritious and healthy also.  You can have it anytime during the entire day.  Whenever you feel hungry try to eat sweet dish made of chhena will enhance your taste buds.

Dry fruits

Dry fruits especially cashew nuts, almonds, pistachio nuts, raisins etc are the most common dry fruits consumed among Indians.

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