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Tune Yourself for Motivation and Success

Motivation and Success !

Roger Federer

We all do stuck in our life when we feel It is very difficult to continue motivated every time.  So we search outside to get motivation from others.  We discuss with others to get motivation.  

Motivation is fruit of success which is connected to our efforts and determination we put in attaining success.

Most of  us try alternative methods OR shortcuts to get success but when they achieve it doesn’t feel the happiness of success.  The juice of success lies in the hardwork efforts and pushing the limits of oneself for optimum level of humans for success.

So It is the hard work along with your juice of passion which make you achieve your targeted results is the success.

To achieve success and  want to make things you must motivate yourself and most of us don’t know how to do.

Here are the steps to stay motivated to achieve success…


One of the most important part to keep yourself motivated, you must have a motive or reason which will inspire your.

Note you are the self inspiration of yourself which you have to keep in mind always.

Must have a strong motive or inspiration which inspires you every moment you think about it.

This inspiration will always keep you ready to face any obstacles, hurdles to achieve your goals.

Stay Focused

Always stay focused towards your goals.

More strong Motive you have

more strong inspiration you get

and more you will be motivated to achieve your goals will result in more focused concentration

You will create for yourself in fulfilling your desired goals.

For e.g. Recently i was watching a movie “John Wick”  in the movie the hero “Keanu Reeves” is more focused and more determined to achieve his target, no matter whatever the circumstance or situations come.

For e.g. in a football match all the players are focused to make goal.  Each player put his best efforts to achieve success for his team.  Their motive is very clear, no matter the situations they have to make a goal to score higher than the opponent. 

So we have to be more focused and passionate towards our individual motive which will create a drive force within our self to achieve or desired target .

Create Strategy or Plan

Before proceeding everyone in do make plans, but what matters is how many of us do really stick to self created strategy or plan, and how many of us do really implement all the plans created.

If plan A doesn’t work, create a plan B and in the same ways there are 26 alphabets so create A to Z plan till you achieve success,

keep on creating, implementing, challenging and  improvising yourself till you achieve success in any one plan, but never-never give up.


Can we achieve success by chance.  Success is an ultimate goal or target to achieve in your life.  Why you want, What are the steps, and How will you achieve.  The most important part of success is to visualize your path and always keep your focus on your goal till you reach it.

When you start visualizing your dream and develop a plan to turn them into reality, the faster you accomplish your goals.  pictures in your mind will lead you to the path of true independence and motivation.  Your imagination is like a preview of your future.  so keep visualizing your dream along with the plan to achieve your goal.


change is inevitable and is a slow process, will reward you along the way for small achievements.  first focus on small tasks and create a target time of completion.

Doing targeted task and short jobs are more manageable than doing a big task.  try to concentrate on one task at a time, doing multi-tasking or multiple tasks will create confusion in mind and will become difficult to sort important task, urgent task.

Too much of multi-tasking create more stress to mind whether the task is at home or in office.  must develop a priority list based on the urgency of the task

When you practice self-discipline within yourself and in your surroundings, as well in your behavior and attitude also.  you will accomplish your goals in much shorter time.  just focus on your target, no matter what is happening around you keep yourself more focused on the reward you are going to achieve.

To avoid distraction of your mind,  think of the end result you are going to achieve.  Visualizing your end result will give more passion and motivation to yourself making you to achieve remarkable results.

Analyse your habits and way of thinking to determine what you are visualizing most of the time to accomplish the end result.

Improvise yourself

When we start focusing our motive or reason.  There is one thing which we overlook, that is our mistakes.  Every steps we take we should always improvise our mistakes.  As we start improvising we will generate more strength within ourself towards our motive.

Don’t Compare with others

Never ever do compare yourself with others.  Many people do this mistake by comparing with others.

It will reduce your motivation, break your focus, you yourself will get distracted once you start comparing yourself to others.

The drive force within you will be more distracted resulting in low concentration and loss of energy.

Always stay focused towards your goals, concentrate, motivate yourself, and achieve your goal.

Work in a Team

When you work in a team always align your energy, concentration and focus for the team work Team work

and team goal.

Quotes by Henry Ford  “Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success”

If you have to achieve your target fast go together in a team and synchronize yourself with the team synergy.


To achieve success, we must have a motive or a reason which should be so strong that keep us always focused, and once we are focused the inner drive force will enhance the energy into achieving our desired goal giving us the success we needed.

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