Misconception about Thermal Therapy Benefits


At some stage of life we need to relax our body muscles or cramps we developed during the day hard work. even if we have a small aches or pains we use hot water to treat and get relief from the pain.

Heat therapy has been used since ancient times. There are different form of heat therapy or thermal therapy.

Heat therapy or Thermal therapy or the manipulation of body or tissue temperature for the treatment of disease, can be traced back to the earliest practice of medicine.  cultures from around the world can point to ancient uses of hot and cold therapy for specific medical applications,

Most  of the South Korea company like Nuga Best provides such thermal therapy products which are beneficial and can be used to obtain thermal therapy.


  • Increases metabolic activity in cells.
  • cellular oxygen demand rises
  • blood flow increases
  • waste products metabolize

prepares tissue for exercise

  • facilitates range of motion
  • softens connective tissue
  • Relaxes muscle fibers.
  • Reduces joint stiffness.
  • Provides pain relief


Warm heat to the effective part of our body relaxes the muscles, soothe your muscles to put your body in a relaxed, comfortable state.  When the heat penetrates it sends the relief signals to the brain.


Ease chronic pain by stimulating blood flow to an area to feet relief quickly.


Increased blood flow helps your body recuperate by re-supplying vital nutrients and oxygen.


far infrared rays penetrate deep beneath the surface of the skin to help heal injuries faster.

Infrared heat benefits

  1. remove toxins from body
  2. relieve muscle and joint pains.
  3. ease joint stiffness
  4. boost immune system functions
  5. burn up to 600 calories pre-session
  6. increase overall blood flow
  7. improve metabolism by increase fluid circulation
  8. improve skin texture
  9. reduce stress fatigue

Why use infrared heat

  1. better detoxification over traditional steam
  2. better and deeper tissue penetration
  3. safe for all ages
  4. softer radiant heat source
  5. more gentle on the skin’
  6. faster warm up time
  7. less moisture build-up
  8. less maintenance
  9. low energy usage


FIR (FAR INFRA RED RAYS): waves of energy for detoxification?

  1. FIR stimulates your blood circulation,promotes elimination of poisonous carcinogenic heavy metal, toxic substances from food processing, lactic acid, excess sodium activation of sebaceous glands.
  2. this allows your body to detox and eliminate these toxic materials thru your skin instead of your kidneys.
  3. In addition fir also promotes tissue regeneration and reduces cramping.


– assists in eliminating other wastes from our body.

– assists in reduction of acidic level in our body

– may drain and improve our lymphatic system

– assists in activating water molecules in our body

– May breaks down cellulite, trapped water, fat and waste

-improves oxygen level in our body.



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