Macuna seeds benefits for testosterone and increases vitality, weak muscles

Macuna seeds benefits for testosterone and increases vitality, weak muscles

As we grow old our bones and muscles become week.  During this time we must be very careful and try to avoid injury.  We must take necessary precautions to maintain and strengthen our bones and muscles.

We have our health answers in our herbs.  Here is an Indian herb which has immense benefits for our healthy body.  Macuna pruriens or kaunch seeds. These seeds have the ability to strengthen week muscles increase testosterone also.  We must use this herb for our daily health home remedies.

Benefits of Macuna pruriens seeds

1.       Increases the vitality in body.

2.       Increases bone density.

3.       Acts as an antidepressant and helps in releasing stress.

4.       Increases the sperm counts

5.       Increases the libido for men and women.

6.       Very useful for building week muscles.

7.       Helps in treating Parkinson disease.

8.       Perfect for anti-depressant

9.       Perfect for treating insomnia.   Eating 1 table spoon before sleep with a glass of hot milk.

10.   Helps in digestion.

Overall strengthens, restores & feeds nerve tissues.  Acts as a natural aphrodisiac etc.

How to use Macuna pruriens or kaunch seed

1.       Take the seed and crush into powder.

2.       Daily, before sleeping drink eat one spoon with hot milk.

 Where to buy

1.       You can get from online.

2.       Also from your local grocery store who keep herbs.

3.       It is easily available on Amazon store also.  If you want to buy click this link will take you to macuna pruriens powder.

Avoid giving this herb to Pregnant and people suffering from diabetes.

There are many more herbs use in our home kitchen which are very useful in alternative health remedies.


for more details please visit below website about macuna seed benefits.  I have highlighted the important benefits.  I have been using for a week and have experienced benefits of the miraculous herbs.





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