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Lemon Water – do have Side effects

I love the quotes said by Dale Carnegie “When fate hands you a lemon, make lemonade”

JFL (just for laugh)

onenal loved drinks to quench their thirst! Lemonade

In India we mostly like to drink beverages to quench our thirst,

which are not healthy for our body specially drinks links cola, pepsi, limca, fanta, maza,

mountain due, sprit, etc.

Excessive drinking of these beverages with artificial sugar has negative effect also.

mostly Indian Drink coca cola, Pepsi, Limca, etc

to quench their thirst. Drinking these beverages does not quench thirst.

In summer due to hot weather outside, we need to keep precautions to maintain health and balanced water level by keeping hydrated and drinking lots and lots of water. drinking water intermittently will absorb in body and maintain hydration level also.

Always carry an extra bottle of water when travelling in hot summer. To keep the water cool, dampen a cloth wrap the water bottle with news paper and then wrap the dampen cloth over the paper and bottle. This will maintain the water cool for some longer time.

Most of the people drink lemon water in the morning to cleanse, drink as a medicine to lose fat. Maintaining a well balanced drink initiate metabolism resulting to fat burning.

Whenever you go outside in sun always carry a bottle of water. Many people mix lemon in the water with a feeling to quench thirst. But too much of drinking of lemon will also have a very negative effect on your health. Mostly people drink this as medicine to reduce fat and end up unbalanced metabolism of body increasing acid level within the body and adding up with various other side effects due to increase in acidity level in the body.

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Drinking too much lemon will also increase the acid level. Having lemon in water give vitamin C, potassium and fiber into the body. Excess quantity of lemon water will also cause side effects. Let us look what kind of side effects does lemon water has:-

People who are prone to acidity must be aware that drinking lemon water in excess quantity will increase the acidity level in their body. Hence limited quantity of drinking would be a better option rather than drinking in excess.

lemon water

With increase in acidity will cause the stone formation in gallbladder or kidney, hence must be reduced to limited quantity.
Excess drinking will make you urinate more, resulting is loss of water in body and may result in dehydration also.
It is heard that most of the people drink lemon water after the meal. This will upset the stomach.
Drinking lemon water will cause heart burn.
May result in tooth erosion.


Don’t drink too much quantity of lemon water. Drinking lemon water is not a medicine to lose fat. There are other systematic and balanced diets also to be observed along with the lemon water diet.

Apart from the above physical activity is most important for weight loss. Having a balanced weight is most healthy rather than focusing on unbalanced weight loss. Mostly Indian workout for belly fat loss, overall balance weight loss must be focused whenever you go for balanced diet plan.

If experiencing side effects, immediately stop drinking. If it continue consult doctor or seek for medical advice immediately.

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