Do you ever wonder, why we want our body to be healthy and every time we go through any magazine or new paper we have a special column on health, fitness, various methods, DIY for maintaining a healthy and happy life.  

To live a healthy life involves self discipline, determination and involves balanced diet along with physical exercises also. We do know various methods but surprising discovery healthy lifestyle – HLSD, comes to know when someone create awareness. In todays mechanical world living in concrete jungle breathing, eating, sleeping working like a robotic machine has spoiled our inner consciousness of healthy living as our ancestors lived.

Are you healthy crazy, do you want health happiness life,Living healthy lifestyle must have consistent healthy foods, fitness exercises and physical activity in daily routine. Along with healthy eating must also try to avoid unhealthy foods.

What to do ?

1. Eat fruits not oily food, junk food or road side foods
2. Do exercise regularly, walking, cycling, and running/jogging. surprising discovery only when regular activity performed at least for 45 ~ 80 minutes daily.
3. Do meditation rather than stressing.
4. Lifestyle is most important, most of the diseases occur due to wrong lifestyles
5. Approx 70% of adults are overweight.
6. Approx 40% of adult suffer adverse health effects from stress.

Reasons – why is it?

1. Fast food lifestyles.
2. Physical stress, mental stress, environmental stress, physiological stress
3. Busy with electronic equipment, mobile phones, TV even when it is not required.
4. Improper sleeping.

How to do?

1. Set short goals, and easy goal which are achievable.
2. Do meditation.
3. Spent time with your family.
4. Do regular stretching exercises.
5. Do not sit for long hours while working, take a break of 5 minutes and relax your muscles.
6. Close your eyes for 2 minutes and simply breathe in and out.
7. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. At least 2ltr to 3 ltr.
8. Drink water in portions.
9. Eat fruits and green vegetables before meal.


Meditation Do start meditation with basic breath in and breathe out slowly. remember when doing meditation try to concentrate on your breathe and listen the sound of air coming in and slowly releasing the air. during this process you get lot of different thoughts, just see those thoughts and continue with your breathe in and breathe out process. After sometime or when practicing for a week you will observe that your thoughts have reduced and you concentration has increased tremendously. This process will calm down the anxiety, balance the nervous system and also strengthen the nerves.


Do start your day with some yoga basic postures. Once you search in google you will get lot of methods follow the method you like. What i suggest start with basic stretching exercises, because stretching exercises helps the muscles and tendons to be more flexible and relaxes the inner tissues in our body.

Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

We all are aware about the chakra meditation and cleansing and balancing of chakras most important for our physical mental and emotional balance, for a healthy lifestyle while practicing the above can also perform at least once in a day chakra balancing and cleansing. For detail click the link “chakra cleansing and balancing” can search in google or visit youtube and insert keywrods such as meditation videos, chakra meditation, guided meditation, guided meditation for positive energy etc and perform accordingly.


To live a healthy lifestyle, you have to make your mind and prepare yourself. once you start practicing these methods, you physical performance will also increase as well as your mental strength and energy will complete difficult task easily and stress free.

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