Getting free Images for your blog post

Getting images for your blogs post

Photo and images are great source of attraction for visitors visiting your websites.  Whatever image you put in your post must be relevant to the content .  irrelevant image leads to dissatisfaction of your loyal visitor and uploading a cheap photo also give bad image about your website.

For the new comes getting a photo is difficult task.  You can get photo from:

  1. Take a photo by yourself.
  2. Get paid photo from websites.
  3. Hire a creative designer who can make photo out as per your relevant topic.
  4. Visit free websites where millions of photos are available

Take a photo by yourself.

For this you have to purchase a new camera A DSLR and learn some tricks to take photo.  Though this is time consuming  but require lot of skill to take the perfect photo.  Or you have to spend some money and hire a photographer who can take photo for you, of course you have to pay for his time.  The photographer will give you many photos.  You need to have ample time to select the best photo for your blog.

Get Paid photo from website.

There are plenty of website where you can get paid photos.  But all these photos you need to pay some money to them and then get the photo.  Sometimes it becomes very difficult to upload paid photos because your competitor website also uses the same paid photo,  hence there has to be some difference between your photo and your competitor.  Other wise you visitors will get confuse with the photo.

Hire a creative designer  who can make photo out as per relevant topic.

Third thing you can do is that hiring a creative person who is expert in Photoshop, coreldraw, etc and create a photo for your website.  This is a time consuming as well as highly paid job.  If you can afford then this is the best option.  If you cannot then there are more options where you can get free photos from the web.

Visit free websites where millions of photos are available.

Now this is a great option you can visit these sites to get relevant photos downloaded for free and can be edited as per your requirement and use it for your website.   Once you download the image try to optimize for seo purpose, other wise the search engine will consider as a copy image (if some  other website has already update the same photo).  Edit the photo and change the ALT TEXT and attribute, insert your website and relevant image content.

Following are the free websites where you can get


if you know little about the photoshop, open the photo in photoshop write your blog name or website name on the photo, or you can copy paste your website logo in the image and then upload the photo to your website.


Now you came to know the the above 4 methods once you start using these methods will enhance your visitor experience and bring more relevant traffic to your website.


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