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Fruits to chew this summer must!

List of Summer Fruits to chew this summer must!

Happy time for kids in summer. Specially going on vacations to hill stations,

Family get-together, spending time in pools, drinking and eating cold and ice creams in varieties. For kids this is a good time to enjoy plenty of play throughout the day. But for parents it is a havoc irresistible temperature, rashes in skin due to high temperature rise may lead to perspiration.  staying hydrated is most important in summer.  You can also try cucumber water beneficial for health.

India is a place where we have lots of home remedies and natural ingredients to maintain cool in our body temperature.

Pine apple
Contains bromelian enzyme helps in digestion of fat and proteins. Has anti-inflammatory properties .

As its name suggest having water in adequate quantity. LYcopene in watermelon helps protect skin cells from damage due to uv rays from sun.

Oranges have potassium and this is citrus which is good in summer. Due to heavy sweating the potassium is lost from the body. Eating oranges refill the lost potassium through sweat.

Musk melon
The natural sweet taste of musk melon is just mesmerizing. The fragrance is so soothing and sweet that everyone loves to eat this fruit in India specially during summer.
It has water content which keep us hydrated.
Musk melon has vitamin A, vitamin C, zinc and potassium.

Improves the digestion system due to rich fibers.
Have vitamin C good for prevention of contagious diseases in summer.
Strengthen the immune system.

Have vitamins, protein, citric acid, fat, iron and phosphorus,
All these required for human body specially in summers.

Figs (anjeer)
Potassium in fig bosst health, keep lively throughout the day.

Guava (amrood)
Vitamin C in amrood helps in prevention of cough, dysentery, cold, diarrhea etc.

Papaya (papeeta)
It’s a good source of papain and chymppapain enzymes which helps in proper digestion of proteins.

Gooseberries (karauda)
Has iron, calcium, vitamin C, phosphorus etc.

Peaches (aru)
Have beta-carotene , vitamin C, which is good for skin.

Banana (kela)

Has iron potassium, to keep us energetic and active.

Apricots (khurmani)
Rich in Vitamin C, potassium, iron, magnesium, beta-carotene and fiber.

Lemon (nibu)
Rich in vitamin C are widely taken in every Indian house hold specially in summer. Mixing with water, salt and soda a perfect content to quench thirst. Excessive drinking of lemon may lead to side effects, do read this article on side effects of lemon.

The king of fruits, rich in iron, selenium.


Mark Twain great quotes on health

“The only way to keep your health is to eat, what you don’t want, Drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not”

Make it a habit to eat daily one fruit.  

Must eat Seasonal fruit. It is said “Prevention is better than cure”.

To keep our body healthy and happy we must have sufficient amount of minerals vitamins, proteins and enzymes etc within our body.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle eating right food and in right quantity. If we are healthy, we have more years to live and earn.

Eating fruits is good for our body. Not only in summer, we must eat fruit every day in winter and summer.

Fruits have vitamins, minerals and proteins which are essential for our body and glands to function and excrete waste out of our body.

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