Everyone searchs for ways smiles

Ways to smiles – Happy moments, dreaming calmness and peace.

Smiling and making yourself happy or feeling happy emotions are the hardest part of our lives. We all strive for happiness, happy moments, dreaming calmness and peace. Here are some ways which i think will make at least feels happy moments in our lives. I wanted to reach 150 ~ 200 in below list, till now reached only 26, expecting you all will also suggest some more to add in this list. So comment your happy smilings ways to increase the list below !!!

In our day to day life these things are very small but will definitely bring a difference at list a smile in your face while reading this list will fulfill my efforts to make you smile, so here we go…

1. Calls your schools friends, talk to them about schools days.

2. Invite your friends, familys members on dinner and spends happy moments.

3. Appreciate yours team and have a cup of coffee/tea with them in cafes.

4. Enjoy time with your child. Take them to Zoo or visit some historical places/ monuments/ wild life century/ or a short trip nearby.

5. Give some precious time for your wife. Take her to a movie she likes to watch with you.

6. Visit your parents or if your parents live with you take them for outing to a nearby places spend time with them.

7. Give a surprise gift to someone.

8. Do some charity like donating clothes, food.

9. Donate blood if you can.

10. Help someone

11. Help elderly person to cross the road. If possible help them ride to their destination.

12. Help your neighbours

13. Wave to childrens in the school bus.

14. Give a smile to co passengers.

15. Give your seat in bus/train to elderly person,ladies, womens,

16. Send thank you message to your family doctor.

17. Hug your family members for no reason.

18. Be a mentor to someone in your work place.

19. Play with children in park

20. Send a joke to your colleagues.

21. Tell your friends that you remember him in prayers.

22. Invite your friend or someone known to go for bowling or playing any indoor games.

23. Help someone with a heavy load.

24. Appreciate store manager and his staff for the great customer service.

25. Overload paper in copier machine.

26. Tell your colleagues and friends or someone that you believe in them.

27. Meditate when you have time, best when travelling or in a long journey.

28. Try to deposit 10% of earning money in the Bank as a saving for future.  Warren Buffett quotes i like his Rule No. 1  “Never lose money”.  Rule No. 2 “Never forget rule no.1”

29. Try to be the best teammate possible is more important than a solo player

30. Empathy is better than sympathy.


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