Our habits spoil our body.  Eating irregularly, unwanted foods, soft drinks, and irregular sleep etc increase excess weight in our body.

Further, we search for short methods or easy ways to lose weight and start working on reducing the excess weight.  It is most important to have a balanced weight rather than having an unbalanced body shape.

Exercise ad workout:

Daily wake up early in the morning refresh yourself and go out for 20 minutes of walking.  Doing 20 minutes of walking will increase the metabolism which will further burn the extra calories accumulated within our body.


According to American College of Sports Medicine reports, one can elevate their metabolism for 24 hours by doing change in their daily routine exercise.

The best way is to break your routine daily exercise into intervals of total workout within the time frame of 24 hours.  For e.g. Regular workout like swimming, running, walking, cycling etc should be done in intervals of 24 hours time frame.

The main objective of doing this is to increase the metabolism of our body to continue working for long hours thus making the calories to burn for long hours.

Greed Food

Try to eat fresh green fibre-rich vegetables like spinach, green pea, lentils, and kidney beans etc.


These are the easiest methods we can do easy ways to lose weight.  Also, try to drink sufficient required quantity of water within 24 hours daily to maintain the water level balance within the body.

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