Content management system is a platform wherein world wide web,all website manages content relevant to their products, services.

Main purpose of the content marketing is to attract customers and retain customers.  Customer is king and to convince customer on line need to have a content of the services, product offered to retain customer.  Creating relevant content, valuable content with the aim of enhancing consumer behaviour.

CMS (content management system) definition is given bleow


creating content relevant to your product or services offered to customer is the key factory of retaining  customers.  Proper explanation of product, benefits of use of product is all in the relevancy of the content you input online.  Content is a form of information which may be written, on screen or digital devices storing and managing in the electronic format.  It can be text, graphics, video sound documents records etc.


After using the content platform  you have strategically manage the information i.e. digital or electronic form management.  Strategically designing the web pages to attract more customers to visit and using keywords relevant to the content in website, so that whenever customer input the relevant keyword your website opens and provide the matching information customer is looking.


Systems are tools  or combination of softwares used to process or project the content on digital platform.  Various software tools required by web developers, designers to increase the lead and retaining more customers into a loyal customers.

Overall the Content Management System is a software tool

There are rules for content Marketing, which i think is key points,

Customer is King

Must create a content which is primarily for the benefit of customers. All the content in your website must simple, easy to understand, with relevant information.  you should provide benefits, guides, methods or create awareness, educate your customers of different products, new arrivals, new fashion, new groceries in the town or anything customer is searching over google search platform.

Build Trust

The key to selling is not selling. Most of the marketing focuses more on selling.  The trend is changing brand who help their customer  to choose do more selling by building trust among customers. Help customers to choose the product as per his needs.  This will build trust in him and will visit again and again to your site for more help.


Aim for content excellence.  As a content marketing you must provide valuable content with quality information to customers. visitors who visit your website will love to read unique content, quality content which is not meant for crawler but for the customer who like to read, for customers who are searching for the right services, guide, methods, DIY etc.

Write from the heart

 Your content must be Authentic, genuine and try to write from your heart.  Customers love the originality and genuinely like to follow you, subscribe your email subscription, share your website content with others and in their facebook social media platform.

To conclude the most important aspect of the CMS is to have a quality content, product relevancy and building customer trust.

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