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Cheat Sheet on SEO

Cheat Sheet on SEO

Seo (search engine optimization) is a term used for making website relevant to search engine guidelines.  in simple words search engine optimization is a used to make search engine friendly  websites to gain organic search.

Every website searched on search engine to land in front page.  To achieve this, website must do both On page seo and off Page seo.

Entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business every one is coming online  for business.  Due to increase in on line presence of customers. 

You can also start your online business by creating website and start selling your product online. 

Most of the website owner in the beginning does not care for doing seo and later loose interest in their website.

To get high rank position in google must do SEO (search engine optimization).

Let us understand how to do on page and off page seo.


  1. Website speed
  2. Title tag
  3. Meta description
  4. Keyword density
  5. Alt tag Image
  6. URL structure
  7. Internal links


  1. Search Engine submission
  2. Website Bookmarking
  3. Directory submission.
  4. Social media
    1. Google plus
    2. Facebook
    3. Twitter and hashtag
  5. Classified submission
  6. Blog commenting
  7. Photo sharing on pinterest

Website speed

Reduce the load time of your website.

Webpage taking long time to load makes visitors irritated and will leave the page immediately.

Upload of website is important. Upload speed must be less then 10 sec. 

To check your website speed test

Go to google search and in the search bar insert keywords :website speed test

Google will give you ample website options, select any one website and check your website loading speed.

Other method

  1. Reduce the size of images in you website.
  2. Upload relevant images only.
  3. Remove unwanted and irrelevant images from your blog post and pages.

Meta Tage or Title Tag

Title tag or meta tag is the same name used.  Meta tag is most important for any website to rank.  This has to be seo friendly and optimized according to search engine.

Meta tag  length is limited to 70 characters.  Try to insert your main key words one time in the meta tag.  Main keywords must not be repeated more than once otherwise google search engine will land this as a spam.

For example.

  1. Rajasthan Tour|Tourist places in Rajasthan| online tour packages – Good Title
  2. Rajasthan Tour | Rajasthan Tours| Cheap Rajasthan Tours – Not good title – google will consider as spam.

Meta Description

Meta description is used to explain a brief description about the topic  in our website.

Meta description is limited to 160 characters.

Try to insert at least once main keyword of your website in the meta description.

Try to use more synonym words in your meta description.


  1. Rajasthan Tours- cheap and best package for Rajasthan Tour, excellent service, – good description
  2. Rajasthan Package – Rajasthan tour package, tour package for rajasthan – not good description

Keyword density

Keyword density must be 5%  of your total words in a blog.  Keyword density means the number of times the main keyword repeated in your blog. 

Main purpose of creating blog is for readers and not for google bot or crawler. 

Visitors love to read  meaningful and useful content and information they are searching over search engines to obtain knowledge.  Stuffing of too much main keywords will make visitors irritated and will leave your website immediately.

Though stuffing of keywords increase the number of visitors but will also increase the bounce rate also to 100%.

Hence my suggestion is to create content for your readers which they are looking to get knowledge.

Image Alt Text

Google does not read images.  So whatever the message image gives must be written in words in the ALT TEXT.  Keep in mind whenever you insert a photo try to insert relevant keywords in ALT text.  Google understands only text. 

URL structure

Your blog url structure will help you rank you up. Each post url must be in such  a way that google can easily identify about the topic content in the blog.

example wrong structure – good structure

Internal Links

once you write a blog post.  Use relevant keywords with internal links to other blog post.  This should be limited to 5 internal links only in a blog post otherwise you will loose your readers.


Whenever we discuss off page seo, backlinks always comes in our mind.  The most important point is having quality back link is important.

Most bloggers in the beginning get thousands of backlinks not from worth websites.

Having less back link but with quality pr website will give the juice and increase your website ranking also.

Let us understand in details about the off page seo.

Search Engine Submission

Website submission in the big search engines is important.

First do submission in  Search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, altavista, alexa, alltheweb, lycos, excite, etc.   These are the free websites where you can submit your website for free and without any charge.

Website bookmarking

The best part of bookmarking is that its better than other websites.  You can book mark your website on,,  you can bookmark 20 websites once in a day.

Directory Submission

Websites like dmoz, viasearch, seaquake can submit your website link.  These websites give strong backlinks.

Social Media

Through social media like google +, facebook, twitter you can increase your webtraffic.

  1. Facebook:- today facebook has become the largest social networking. You can generate millions and billions visitors for your website.

Create a facebook page of your website and update the information of the page.  Create a link and submit on various other relevant facebook group.

  1. Google+: Google+ is another popular now a days social networking. Here you can update your daily post and submit in the relevant groups.
  2. Twitter: Though twitter is not much popular as above but we cannot ignore. First you have to get good number of followers for your twitter relevant webpage.  Then tweet your webpage post link.

Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is becoming popular now.  Most of the new websites initially go for blog commenting through that they can generate ample traffic for their websites.


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