How to do Onpage SEO

By SANJAY|September 4, 2017|Digital tips|0 comments

On page SEO On page SEO technique is used to optimize web pages so that the search engine result page display the relevant link of searched keyword done by the visitors. The main objective is to get higher in the page ranking and get more traffic to their website through search engines. Meta tag Most important Meta tags are for search Engine index, keyword meta tag and the meta description

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By SANJAY|August 15, 2017|Digital tips|1 comments

TOP 5 WAYS TO EARN MONEY For a while i was struggling over internet web searching for ways to earn extra money over the web. Gone through so many sites many of them are fake and many others do get blocked after certain time. Initially i struggled over facebook to earn money. Now i have started getting the earning results and friends it is not so easy task to earn

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By SANJAY|July 30, 2017|Digital tips|1 comments

SECURE BROWSERS FOR SEARCH The first thing we want to find we go for searching over web and the by default every one search in google.  We all keep google as our default search engine.  Apart from google we also use other search engine like yahoo and bing.  Mostly we also use browsers like Mozilla firefox, Google chrome and Opera browser to get our search results.  Do you know that

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Cheat Sheet on SEO

By SANJAY|June 15, 2017|Digital tips|3 comments

Cheat Sheet on SEO Seo (search engine optimization) is a term used for making website relevant to search engine guidelines.  in simple words search engine optimization is a used to make search engine friendly  websites to gain organic search. Every website searched on search engine to land in front page.  To achieve this, website must do both On page seo and off Page seo. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business every one

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Getting free Images for your blog post

By SANJAY|May 28, 2017|Digital tips|0 comments

Getting images for your blogs post Photo and images are great source of attraction for visitors visiting your websites.  Whatever image you put in your post must be relevant to the content .  irrelevant image leads to dissatisfaction of your loyal visitor and uploading a cheap photo also give bad image about your website. For the new comes getting a photo is difficult task.  You can get photo from: Take

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By SANJAY|May 19, 2017|Digital tips|0 comments

REASONS WHY YOU’RE SITE DOES NOT GET CLICK I have been struggling quite a while for my site doesn’t get clicks.  This is very useful information for new who want fast traffic for their website.  Here are the reasons for not getting click. Index website Write what people search for Focused keywords Keywords in headlines Internal link and external link Not using properly wordpress Optimizing your image   Index Website

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How to start a Blog?

By SANJAY|April 23, 2017|Digital tips|2 comments

HOW TO START A BLOG Do you want to start your own blog.  Here are the steps to do the same Steps Select a CMS platform e.g. wordpress, joomla, droopal, blogger (free) by google. Want foc then use google blogspot, Create youraccount in gmail or profile ( For other platform you need to spend some money and select the any one of the above. I would prefere wordpress is the

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By SANJAY|April 23, 2017|Digital tips|0 comments

CMS- [CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM] Content management system is a platform wherein world wide web,all website manages content relevant to their products, services. Main purpose of the content marketing is to attract customers and retain customers.  Customer is king and to convince customer on line need to have a content of the services, product offered to retain customer.  Creating relevant content, valuable content with the aim of enhancing consumer behaviour. CMS

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Types of CMS- [Content Management System]

By SANJAY|February 12, 2017|Digital tips|3 comments

Types of CMS (Content Management System) Different types of CMS is being used for different types of content.  The content form may be different  paper or digital e.g. text, video, graphics, blog etc. The CMS [content management system] used for creating, customizing and managing information on the digital platform such software application is CMS. Main advantage of content management system is that it doesnot require any technical skills to develop.

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