Navratri – healthy food to eat during navratri fast

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Navratri Festival healthy food The Indian festive season started from the Navratri in the month of September and October.  Durga pooja As the Indian festival is approaching and we all are excited with full enthusiasm to celebrate 9 days of navratri pooja and pray to goddess durgas 9 avtars. As this time is very blessed time so we must keep ourself eating healthy food. Sabudana  (English word: Sago) You can

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Thermal Therapy Benefits

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WHAT IS THERMAL THERAPY thermal therapy or the manipulation of body or tissue temperature for the treatment of disease, can betraced back tothe earliest practice of medicine.  cultures from around the world can point to ancient uses of hot and cold therapy for specific medical applications, THERMAL THERAPY BENEFITS Increases metabolic activity in cells. cellular oxygen demand rises blood flow increases waste products metabolize prepares tissue for exercise facilitates range

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Computer Exercises long hours

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I am writing this write-up for those who work long hours in front of laptop/computer. Read and do the exercise regularly you will and you will get amazing results. Learn the keyboard commands. Most people use mouse and do ample number of clicks.  it is better to try to remember commands for example  “Ctrl A” to mark text. Avoiding the mouse will preserve your wrist and forearm. Don’t cradle the

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Healthy eating yourself and Family

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HEALTHY EATING hey friends its been a long time haven’t written anything,  here I give you about healthy eating methods which everyone can use at home to can practice daily to keep their family and self happy and healthy. As you all know the first step for happiness is healthy life. How much food should I eat ? Your aim should be to maintain an ideal weight. Calorie (energy) restriction

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How to do Onpage SEO

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On page SEO On page SEO technique is used to optimize web pages so that the search engine result page display the relevant link of searched keyword done by the visitors. The main objective is to get higher in the page ranking and get more traffic to their website through search engines. Meta tag Most important Meta tags are for search Engine index, keyword meta tag and the meta description

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TOP 5 WAYS TO EARN MONEY For a while i was struggling over internet web searching for ways to earn extra money over the web. Gone through so many sites many of them are fake and many others do get blocked after certain time. Initially i struggled over facebook to earn money. Now i have started getting the earning results and friends it is not so easy task to earn

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Common Diseases in Women once in lifetime

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  महिलायों मैं पुरुषो के मुकाबले अधिक बीमारियाँ होती हैं |  फीर ­चाहे वह हिर्दय से जुडी बीमारी हो या खान पान की बात हो विटामिन्स की कमी हो या फिर महिलायों आमतौर पर कैंसर से संबधित बीमारियाँ की सम्भावनाय आधिक रहती हैं |  आमतौर पर महिलायों मैं होने वाली प्रमुख दस बीमारियाँ कौन सी हैं| स्थान केंसर  आर्थराइटिस सर्वीस कैंसर फिब्रोइड टी बी ह्रदय से जुडी बीमारी मधुमेह ऑस्टिओपोरोसिस

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SECURE BROWSERS FOR SEARCH The first thing we want to find we go for searching over web and the by default every one search in google.  We all keep google as our default search engine.  Apart from google we also use other search engine like yahoo and bing.  Mostly we also use browsers like Mozilla firefox, Google chrome and Opera browser to get our search results.  Do you know that

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Cheat Sheet on SEO

By SANJAY|June 15, 2017|Digital tips|3 comments

Cheat Sheet on SEO Seo (search engine optimization) is a term used for making website relevant to search engine guidelines.  in simple words search engine optimization is a used to make search engine friendly  websites to gain organic search. Every website searched on search engine to land in front page.  To achieve this, website must do both On page seo and off Page seo. Entrepreneurs, start-ups, small business every one

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