Acupressure for health and fitness

Human body is so amazing and a wonderful creation of God.  We can heal our body, the medicine lies within us.

our ancient discovered remarkable methods to generate qi energy which is life force of our body.

Our ancients discovered an amazing acupressure points which helps to heal our body internally with the life force energy which is called Qi energy.

The most powerful Qi energy work uses acupressure points enables energy to flow easily.

Building the qi points on the skin surface has a high electrical conductivity and thus conduct the body’s energy most effectively.

Acupressure is an an ancient methods of healing which is 5,000 years old healing natural treatment methods is effective in relieving stress-related illnesses, self-care and preventive health care. Qi acupressure points releases tension, increases circulation, reduces pain and develops vibrant health.

Through acupressure we focus on Acupuncture points in our body and in our sensitive hand to chanalise qi energy.

Qi energy our life force when applied to our sensitive hands resulting in healing in depression, headaches, back pain, insomnia, nausea, emotional complaints and common ailments such as carpel tunnel to get rid of a range of lives, and many more.

Universal Qi Energy: The Chinese call life energy – Qi. In Japan, force termed Qi, Prana or Pranic energy practices, while yoga is mentioned as a life force. All of these words is the same universal Qi energy, which are related to the present in our environment, and connects all forms of our lives.

On the other hand if Qi energy is blocked, all problems can be traced to the root of imbalance and disease.

Qi army – the source of life: qi energy flow and nourish the human spirit gives us the ability to focus, depending on your creativity, and our body’s healing energy.

Qi is the invisible currents and the healing power of nature in the way the case goes through. Qi connects everything.

Qi is the fundamental force of nature makes the mountains, ocean currents, controls the flow of rivers, and weather patterns.

QI emphasizes tree branching towards the sky in their innocence and their diversity. Qi can be seen in the movement of the molecules, elements, landscapes, and the human body, the life force energy within Qi circulates through channels called meridians.

Qi is vitality of the body: qi meridian pathways within the living animal. The vitality of all systems of the human body the government channel.

Qi energy flows through meridians to the welfare or the district’s headed – to reduce the imbalance. For example, a qi blockage numbness, pressure, can cause cramps, and many kinds of pain.

Factors Affecting the human body, Qi, Qi energy flow, our state of mind, how we feel, reflects how we think and breathe.

Having negative thoughts will block qi flow in the body and in the same way a positive thoughts build Qi in our body.

A qi blockage effect our stress levels, the way we eat, and how it is digested. Sleep patterns and disorders are also the result of qi flow. Qi blockage stress, trauma and injuries can result. Extreme imbalance in Qi – the mental, emotional or physical problems might be.

Qi Chinese healing energy based on the interplay of two polar opposite, a vibrator is creating movement and flow of qi energy. These polar forces of life energy, known as yin and yang, martial arts and healing arts to the natural basic principles to follow the rules.

Martial Arts and Healing Arts used in the QI: the foundation of Asian martial arts and healing arts that focuses on how the Qi flow.

Both Martial Arts and Healing Arts channel and strengthen and build their practices to increase the Qi. Qi for martial artists themselves dense strength, physical strength, and Qi use other methods to go out.

Internal channels of Qi energy healing art for medical purposes. Qi cultivation practices both from the exercise, through diet benefits – and creative, positive visualizations.

Qi Culture: Building the qi, the treatment capacity to develop and strengthen the flow of qi power in Chinese culture since ancient times is a high priority.

Qi Qi Gong exercises and meditation for the construction uses a special internal medicine, agriculture and the whole body of vitality in the channeling.

By strengthening your body Qi – Qi Gong martial arts or through breathing exercises, you increase the Qi for healing yourself and others can use force.


we should use these acupressure point channels to generate qi energy flow properly.  All over the world started using these ancient methodology of natural healing. Mostly Indian health guide practices these methods to maintain healthy lifestyles.

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