Onenal is a blog focus on personal health, self maintenance effortlessly without stressing mentally, physically and emotionally. To be Oneness with mind body and soul we need to have a physically, mentally and emotionally balanced body.

We are focused to educate, create awareness among humans to have a better  lifestyles to become more disciplined in self body maintenance whether in food, fitness, workouts, eating habits, caring yourself with daily health guides, nutrition, fitness and beauty tips and tricks.

onenal is a blog focus on oneness of self, nurturing healthy body with effortless daily health guide, thereby nourishing muscles, tissues and awaken the inner strength.  Learn and implement for better healthy lifestyle.

O – open mind

N- nurture

E- effortless

N- nourish



Everyone has eyes but few have vision

We at onenal with a vision to enlighten humans self body care, maintain healthy lifestyle.

We are putting our efforts in serving not only in health and fitness, but also creating awareness  in digital marketing, seo, self improvement,  stories with moral values etc.