30 things to do best in life


Everyone has their own dreams and expectations from life.  We all want to do bet in life and achieve our life show are so passionate for dreams.  According to me following are some of the things which i think must do best in life, you can add according to your dreams :-

Love yourself

Do you really love yourself.  Do you really see yourself in the mirror every day unconditionally.  Start doing and love youself unconditionally. Most of the times we dress and prepare for other to appreciate and expect from other to praise.

Most of us take selfies every day and even every moment to show off to friends family members and even uploading selfie photos on instagram, social media to be liked and commented but other.  but loving yourself internally and adoring yourself is the most important thing in life which give you peace and happiness. 

Purpose to Live

Do we really have any purpose of life or do we really live our life to the fullest or do we really live our life full heartedly.  Most of the time we live for earning money or obtaining things to build status in society.  Even the work we don not like we pretend in society as if the this is the only thing in the world. 

So now is the time to decide become passionate, energise yourself and search a purpose of life you want to life with full heartedly.


Visit the place you love

Create a travelling plan to visit places you are thinking or you love to see.  Fulfilling your dreams can only be done  once you practically make a constructive plan and work on to achieve.


Open to Change

Change is inevitable.  Prepare yourself internally i.e. mentally and emotionally to accept change. Change is a natural phenomenon of our mother earth and our environment our society.  So it is up to you accept the change and create better life for yourself.


Follow your Heart

Do you really follow your heart!  Think your daily activites and those times when you overlooked you heartly feeling and the outcome of the decisions taken agains your heart. 


World is a beautiful, safe and loving place

We live in a world which is very beautiful, safe and very loving place.  In our mechanical world we have only 24 hours and 365 days working like a machine and forget to see the beautiful natural world around us.  Take some time out of your busy business schedule and look around and spent time with nature.


Accept Life Lessons.

Accept all the lessons you have learnt from your life.  Life is too short to learn from your mistakes and improve.  It may take many years.  Try to learn from mistakes of your friends, your colleagues and who ever you see and observe.  Learn from their mistakes and improvise yourself

Journey is a Reward

Recognise that your journey of life is a reward.  Accept rewards in a positive emotion and constructively visualize the future of the reward you are achieving.


Don’t change people

We humans always try to change other people.  Stop trying to change people.  Your purpose of life is not to change people, it is to develop and nurture yourself, and fulfil your dreams.


Opportunities to challenge

Instead of giving up see the opportunities in every challenge.  This will encourage your emotions to fulfil your purpose of life, develop confidence in you to accept change.

These are the things which i think one must do and there may be many things, the list is big, start today and create your own list and do update me also so that i can add those in this article further.

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